Analyze. Identify. Assign.Resolve.

Introduce intelligent automation to your Helpdesk or ITSM platform. Reekon will help you resolve critical tickets faster and make autonomous ticket assignment and repetitive/generic issues resolution possible.


Understanding Reekon.

Multiple communication channels support: email, live-chat, self-service portal, social networks;

Identify tickets - whether it's an Incident, Service request, Change request or any other custom ticket category;

Autonomously assign tickets to correct teams, services, organizations or individuals. Operates 24/7, day and night.

Flexible configuration with advanced language understanding applied. Apply your own custom rules (macros).

Vast analytics package to observe the platform's results, identify patterns or issues. Measure agent performance and other metrics.
Make customizable and periodical reports.

And there's more. Check out the features.

Primary features

Autonomous ticket
registration & assignment

All inbound communication (email, live-chat etc.) is analyzed using our machine learning and NLP core platform.
The system identifies the inquiry (Incident, Service request, etc.), assigns it to the correct team, service, agent or organization (this can be adapted to your org. structure).

Autonomous ticket

Analyze existing tickets, with your Knowledge base connected, to identify generic tickets / situations and propose their possible solutions.

Reekon can provide possible inquiry solutions to your customers or engineers via live-chat, email or self-service portal.

Flexible configuration
and statistics

Each analyzed ticket/email has properties such as confidence which allow you to trigger certain processes or inform employees/operators when Reekon's NLP module isn't confident enough that a certain assignment or resolution is, for example, >90% accurate.

Continuous learning and
integrated feedback loop

Scheduled text analysis model training. Allows the system to automatically adapt to new cases without human supervision.

Feedback loop. Rate tickets or solutions as correct or incorrect directly on your Helpdesk or ITSM platform. This streamlines the process as your employees don't need to dive into our platform's specifics.

Connect as many different ITSM / Helpdesk platforms as needed - all of them can be controlled in a single dashboard.

Everything is versioned. Reekon continuously upgrades Machine learning models and creates new versions, so it's easy to track down issues, restore previous configurations that performed better or compare performance of different models and configurations.

On-premise / self-hosted hosting options. Reekon can be hosted in your internal network to ensure that your clients' data is well protected.

Workspaces. Manage workspaces for different users, teams or even system environments. From development to production, we understand clear separation is important.

Manage both automation tasks and analytics presets in multiple workspaces, each dedicated to a connected platform.

Regression monitoring and rollback.

Create reports on various metrics and distribute them via various channels to your preferences.

Automated phone calls to relevant agents or engineers. Can be configured to match your SLA requirements for each service etc. Integrates with your ITSM configuration seamlessly.

How it works?

Connect your platform

Enter the required details (domain, API key etc.), pull all necessary data from your software, text analysis will be applied automatically.

You'll be notified when it's done and will be able to view the results.

Setup your workflow & logic

Configure ticket assignment automation and resolution conditions; integrate your Knowledge base.
Retrain the AI models to see desired effect.

In case you encounter a roadblock somewhere - we're always there to help.

Extend, analyze & monitor

Track autonomous ticket assignment and resolution accuracy in your selected environments (dev, stage, production). Reekon can be configured to include tags or other types of filter criteria for autonomously registered or resolved tickets which allow to prevent clutter in your ITSM / Helpdesk production environment.

Track platform's performance, configure triggers for various events, contact our engineers to help you improve your accuracy results.

Long-term support and on-demand consulting

We know it might take time to make a solution that's sufficient to your needs.

Thus, we're here for help - email us at or write us via live-chat (press here).
We'll handle your inquiry ASAP.


Optimize the internal processes and achieve return of investment in the first months of the use.


Significant reduction in workforce costs and maximum flexibility (with a wide range of system’s configuration possibilities).

Optimize and monitor

Workload, agent handle time (AHT), first contact resolution (FCR) and other critical metrics.


Productivity and incident/service request resolution time.


Autonomous decisions accuracy, agents or engineers performance to drive data-based decision making


Customer complaint rates, customer inquiries, escalation events and misunderstandings between employees.


What factors drive the most positive and negative customer experiences, and make data-based decisions, leading to higher satisfaction on both ends.

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