Our products and services

Our products and services are focused on the most important things - increasing the efficiency of business processes and saving time.
Employing the latest technologies and techniques in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we make sure our solutions solve our clients' pain-points, generate new leads and
improve conversions in the most natural way - communication and its improvement!

Our products are:

Chatbot for food delivery. Features:
  • You can order using free-text.
    For example, tell the bot "Order 5 Saliami pizzas and 1 coke" and the mentioned products will be automatically added to your basket.
    If the bot can't recognize your expression, we'll employ our state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms to improve it over time.
-Location services;-Live chat;-Productsmenu;-Action buttons;-Dashboard;-Direct debit/credit card payments;-Friendly personality, whichunderstands your customers and gives the best experiences, like chatting with a friend!A chatbot forrentalservicesFeatures:-Natural language processing/understanding, lets your customers interact with a bot using free-text commandsandMachine-learningalgorithms, makes it smarter over time.-Reservation processes;-Products list;-Location services;-Live chat;-Action buttons;-Dashboard;-Direct debit/credit card payments.AND OF COURSE, THERE IS MORE BEHIND THE SCENES!Would you like toknow more about products? Capabilities? How Chatbots can affect your business?Contact us and we will schedule you a demo