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About Blue Bridge

Blue Bridge is one of the leading IT services and solutions providers in Baltics, part of Blue Bridge Group. Their clients include both large private and public organisations. Blue Bridge specializes in complex IT infrastructure solutions with minimal downtime and excellent on-demand support, delivered 24/7.

The Challenge

Since one of Blue Bridge key objectives is to minimize any downtime risks and provide extraordinary IT infrastructure support, reducing operational costs and improving response and solution time are also very important factors.

Thus, Blue Bridge has chosen us to introduce high-accuracy and high-performance ITSM ticket assignment. Our specialization in ML and NLP helped us complete this challenging objective.

The primary objective of the solution was to reduce operational costs.


In collaboration with Blue Bridge staff, our first goal was to complete a statistical analysis of recurring key phrases which are the most relevant in each team's services. As a joint effort, both parties have conducted a throughout analysis of the existing ITSM tickets and their content. Specialization terms and attributes for every possible combination of teams and services have also been identified and implemented.

Apart from continuous improvement of the language models powered by Machine learning, our task was also to address complex business rules, structurize all the available data inside & outside of the ITSM platform, and, consequently, implement models which can adapt to ever-changing organizational structure and various conditions controlled by ITSM administrators.


Here are the highlights of the solution:


Our autonomous ITSM ticket assignment solution has proven to be very beneficial for increasing the efficiency of Blue Bridge customer support - increasing both response & resolution time, plus, automating different ITSM workflows at day and night with high accuracy service.

More features planned. Stay tuned.

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