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We offer a free-of-charge consultation period to understand your business specifics in order to identify the most fitting automation solutions. We will help you identify where automation could be applied and what benefits could it provide in both short-term and long-term. Click the button below to the see automation solutions we offer.

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Automation solutions

IT Service Management (ITSM) / Helpdesk automation

Reduce your operational costs by automating your helpdesk on multiple channels – live-chat, email and self-service.

We provide solutions such as autonomous ticket registration by analyzing any type of inbound content (text, attachments etc.).

Intelligent call routing (with autonomous remote calls) is one of the options as well.

Customer support automation

Customer support automation solutions to analyze inbound inquiries and generate a response for your customer (say, your customer asks if some product is currently available, etc.)

We analyze inquiries of your customers and provide a fair estimate what amount of inquiries could be automated.

This solution is perfect for e-commerce, insurance, travel, products distributors / warehouses and similar companies which must handle a large amount of inquiries.

Accounting automation (integrated with various CRMs (incl. custom) and accounting software)

Automate your accounting - automatically capture and analyze incoming invoices' content (PDF + other file formats; scanned invoices (images)).
Export the aggregated data and import it into any accounting software you use.

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