Chatbots & natural language understanding

We make chatbots and custom NLP solutions for your business!

We're here to provide autonomous solutions to your business needs.

1. Business analysis

We carefully analyze the problem your business has and come up with the most suitable solution for your needs.

Our team has great experience in understanding your business needs and can identify various ways of solving the problems you're facing.

2. Solution

We prepare a robust solution to your needs.

Be it a custom chatbot, a natural language processing (NLP) module for further integration into any platform, a customer support module, integrated into your Facebook page, your business website, and similar.

3. Integration

We'll integrate your solution where needed: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Slack and your own platform or website (standalone or not).

Our solutions are modular, so integration between multiple platforms is a no-brainer.

4. Testing and finalization

We extensively test the solution according to the agreed specification and prepare the solution to be deployed on a variety of services and platforms.

We also provide long-term maintenance and support, with the possibility to add new features, etc.

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